Reminder: The HHE Garbage Shed is under active video surveillance and infraction fines are being assessed!

As we move into the holiday season, and increased amounts of waste and recycling are generated, here is a quick reminder that the Harvest Hills Estates Board of Directors actively operates and monitors video surveillance of the garbage shed and area.  Any transgressions of garbage shed disposal and recycling rules, whether major or minor infractions will result in warning letters and/or financial penalties.  A reminder to everyone to ensure recycling materials and garbage are properly disposed of in accordance with the HHE Board directives.

Happy Holidays!

Any questions about warning letters and/or financial penalties can be addressed to ACMS (management company)


In Memoriam: Patricia Bataille (Former president of Harvest Hills Estates Condo Board)

The HHE Board would like to acknowledge the extensive work and contribution to the community of Patricia Bataille – former President of the HHE Board. Patricia Bataille died on November 13, 2022 of natural causes, while she was still serving on the HHE Board.

A minute of silent contemplation, prayer and reflection was observed in her honour by the HHE Directors present at a recent board meeting.

From her obituary: “Her true-grit, perseverance, determination and strong-will was admired by so many. Pat will be dearly missed and forever loved. Her heart and kindness will forever live among us.”

Her complete obituary can be found here:



Update on Preventive Maintenance Contractor and Non-Emergency Contact Protocol

J12 Air Mechanical Ltd. was released from their duties as of December 31, 2017, and is no longer providing plumbing and mechanical repairs to the Harvest Hills Estates (HHE) Corporation.

Effective January 1, 2018 Scandia Mechanical Services is our preventative maintenance contractor in charge.

The HHE owners are reminded that if they have issues and/or complaints they should not address the workers directly.

Any expenses incurred by the HHE Corporation following the owners’ un-approved contact with HHE suppliers will be charged back to the their respective unit.

Unless it is an emergency, the owners should contact our Property Manager or the Board, in writing (letter, email etc…), and have evidence of damage (pictures, video etc…).  The non-emergency complaints that are not in writing and are not supported by evidence will not be investigated.

Emergency is defined as an unexpected dangerous situation which requires immediate action or otherwise material damage to the property or loss of life will result.

-HHE Board of Directors